Buying through Amstel Housing

Are you planning to buy a property? There is a good chance that we can help you! Below is a brief overview about buying through Amstel Housing, and at the bottom more and extensive information …

The right house for you

  • We know the market
  • We have the knowledge and experience regarding the procedures
  • We understand what you are looking for and have an eye for your specific wishes
  • We have an extensive network

Quick service

  • We quickly create a complete search profile
  • We will go through these in detail with you on realistic expectations and possible limitations
  • We switch quickly with you and the market
  • We will visit houses with you as soon as possible

The procedure

In a nutshell:

  • We put together your search profile
  • We are going to search
  • We are going to visit
  • We are going to negotiate
  • We make or screen the purchase agreement
  • We guide you at the notary's office


  • Our standard fee for this service is 1% of the purchase price + 21% vat
  • Contact the office in your region of search for possible other price agreements

Additional services

We can possibly also help you with:

  • Arranging connections for gas, water, electricity, tv, internet
  • Contacts with constructors, painters, plumbers etc.
  • Application of official Energylabel


Yes! Congratulations on your new house!

  • We are happy to have been of help!
  • You can also still contact us for possible questions or unclarities after the transfer

Buying a house

Have you seen your dream house?

You can find our offer of houses for sale on the Amstel Housing website, and of course also on Funda etc. The offer varies regularly, so if you are looking for a house, please check our website or submit your search profile through the free registration.

Buying a new house?

Can't find what you're looking for, and you want to look further in this hectic housing market?
It's an important and emotional decision when you're going to buy a house. This only happens a few times in your life.

Amstel Housing searches and thinks along with you and provides tailored advice. If you choose Amstel Housing, it means choosing quality, customer friendliness and flexibility.

Contact the office of the region in which you are looking, and ask for information and if you want, a free, no-obligation intake interview.

Register for free now

A purchase broker, very handy!

The purchase broker of Amstel Housing guides you through the entire process, from the search and the viewing of the house, and the transfer at the notary. 

After selecting the properties that match your search profile, we will visit the selected properties together with you. We will then, and afterwards, look at certain aspects for you, such as:

  • the overall state of maintenance of the property;
  • any visible damage and defects to the property;
  • the possible need for a possible constructional inspection;
  • the ownership situation;
  • possible membership and 'healthy condition' of the Owners' Association;
  • any development plans;
  • the Energy label and the environmental aspects.

Amstel Housing quickly finds out the necessary data and takes this into account in the purchase advice and negotiations.

The negotiations and purchase agreement

During the negotiations, it is crucial to have a good bidding strategy and to come up with the best opening bid. After acceptance of the final offer, the agreements are laid down in a purchase agreement. Of course, we will guide you through this and scan all the necessary documents for you.

At the notary's office, transfer of ownership

On the agreed date of transfer, the house is first inspected and the meter readings are taken. Amstel Housing has already checked the notarial documents.
From this point on, the deed of transfer (transfer of ownership) must be signed at the notary's office. Afterwards, you will be registered as the new owner in the Land Registry. You will now get the keys handed over, congratulations on your new home!