Letting through Amstel Housing

Planning to let your property? There is a good chance that we can help you! Below is a brief overview about letting through Amstel Housing, and at the bottom more and extensive information…

Quick service

  • We respond to your application swiftly and come by the property shortly
  • We advertise your property in the market as wide as possible
  • We are pro-active and can handle fast to find a good match
  • Chances are we can let your property very fast!

Rental agreement

  • We use different types of rental agreements
  • We know the laws and (local) regulations
  • We advise you about which agreement best fits your situation
  • We have legal support in the background in case of questions

The right tenant

  • We rent mainly to expatriates (but not exclusively)
  • We benefit from a large network
  • We reach a large potential of candidates through the wide online presentation of your property on our own site as well as sites as Pararius, Funda, Expatrentals etc.
  • We screen the tenants and advise you about the best candidate for you


  • No cure, no pay!
    If we do not rent out your property, we will not charge you anything!
  • If we do rent out your property, we charge 8% of the rent over a maximum 12-month period + 21% vat
  • Large portfolio? Enquire about the possibilities for a tailored price quotation

Get your property ready-to-let

  • We take out an extensive intake of your property
  • Free advice about interior and styling of your property
  • Tips to increase the lettability of your property
  • Contacts with handymen, cleaners, painters etc.

Guidance & assistance

  • We are by your side during the entire procedure, from A to Z
  • We know the pitfalls and areas of focus, also from a legal point of view
  • During the rental period, after the intermediation, you can also contact us with any questions or for advice
  • Legal knowledge and advice possible via our legal advisors in the background

Letting your property

Are you considering letting your property? Letting your property involves a lot of work. It is important that you find a reliable tenant, and then there are various legal and practical aspects that you need to take into account. And how much rent can you expect to get for the property? What kind of rental agreement should you use?

Amstel Housing specializes in property rentals. We've been doing that since 2002 so we've been around for quite some time and 'we know our business'.

Are you just starting to let, or are you familiar with letting? Do you have one house for rent or a larger portfolio? In all cases, we will be happy to help you find the right candidate.

Tailormade advice

We will be happy to make an appointment with you for a free and no-obligation intake to discuss the possibilities of letting your property and to meet you in person.

We can then immediately see if any adjustments to the property are needed to increase the lettability, and advise you on a feasible and realistic rental price.

We like to take pictures of your property immediately, or if you prefer, we can organize a professional photo shoot (costs apply). The photos, description and other details of your property will be placed on various relevant websites such as Pararius, Expat Rentals, Funda, etc., which are aimed at attracting the suitable potential tenant.

Of course we will also be happy to advise you, depending on your situation and plans, about the type of rental agreement and other conditions and regulations that you need to take into account.

Register your property now

The tenant & rental procedure

Candidates for your property, which we find via the various websites and within our network of fellow brokers and relocation consultants, are selected and screened for you.

If, after visiting your property, a rental proposal is made, or maybe even several, we will go through them with you and, if necessary, make a counter-proposal. Within the proposal, matters such as the rental price, starting date, rental period and any other conditions will be discussed.

In case of mutual agreement between you and the prospective tenant, we will draw up the rental agreement. After the signing of the agreement, the first payment of the rent and the deposit will follow, as well as the key transfer.

We also take care of the key transfer with inspection report (and photo report) of the house, and possibly the application for the supply of electricity, water, etc.

During the rental period we are of course available for you if you have any questions about the agreement, or any other questions relating to the rental.

For technical matters or financial administration (rent collection, etc.) we can also be of service, please check the possibilities we offer for property management.

Our services

We have several services that we can offer you, tailored to your needs.

Besides the rental intermediation, we also offer the following services:

  • general advice on rental, pricing and related matters;
  • information about the legal and financial possibilities and aspects;
  • information about local laws and regulations with regard to rental;
  • interior/styling advice to increase lettability;
  • drawing up of the rental agreement only (without mediation);
  • inspection of the house (inspection report with photos during transfer of the house); 
  • screening of tenants found by yourself;
  • financial and/or technical management of the property;
  • mediation in the sale of the property.

Is your house for sale as well?

If the sale of your property is not progressing, we can also (temporarily) rent out your property. This could be done on the basis of the "Leegstandwet" (vacancy law), in which the tenant signs an appropriate dissolution clause. When the house is sold, the lease can be dissolved without any problems. Enquire about the possibilities.