Property management through Amstel Housing

Are you interested in property management? There is a good chance that we can help you! Below is a brief overview about property management through Amstel Housing, and at the bottom more and extensive information...


  • We are the first point of contact for your tenant, so you don't have any hassle or headaches
  • We coordinate the repairs and control the finalization
  • We collect the rent on your behalf and pay the necessary invoices and advances
  • We take care of the annual rent indexation

Quick service

  • We immediately pick up every report from your tenant
  • We assess how much urgency is required
  • We immediately take action to have repairs repaired or orders placed
  • We guard the course of events and we're on top of it!


  • We have many direct, and reliable contacts: electricians, plumbers, handymen, painters, cleaners, contractors, etc.
  • We take care of the administration (payment of the bills to third parties, and settlement with you or the tenant, depending on the situation)
  • We supervise the correct handling of the complaint (repair, replacement, consultation, etc.).


  • Transparent and affordable
  • Administrative & financial management: 4% + 21% vat per month
  • Technical & administrative/financial management: 6% + 21% vat per month
  • Critical view on quotations, we always look for the best price/quality ratio for you
  • No surcharges on invoices from third parties (contractors, etc.)


  • Monthly settlement of the rent to be collected minus management fees and any other advance payments
  • Regular update on the progress of the rent and the state of affairs
  • We don't bother you unnecessarily if there are no notifications, after all that's why you have the property management service
  • Regularly, and in consultation, inspection of the house

Property management agreement

  • Clear agreements, your rights, our obligations and vice versa
  • Possible to cancel intermediately
  • Deviating agreements possible in mutual consultation
  • Ask for a sample copy for your information and reviewing

Property Management

Let Amstel Housing manage your property for you

Relief is one of the reasons for giving your property(ies) in management. Don't feel like doing things and arranging things during the rental period, when the washing machine breaks down, or when the rent hasn't been paid yet?
Amstel Housing is the right partner for the carefree management of your property.

Below you will find more information about the possibilities for property management by Amstel Housing. For specific questions you can of course contact us, or if you want to have multiple properties managed by us, we will gladly make an appropriate offer for you.

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Administrative & financial management

The administrative & financial management means that we receive the monthly rent on your behalf from the tenant, and after deducting our costs and any costs paid in advance, pay it to you.
In an overview, among other things, administrative & financial management includes:
  • Sending the monthly rental invoices to tenants;
  • Collecting the rent and taking care of additional financial transactions;
  • Taking care of the periodic administrative rent settlement account to the owner;
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears;
  • Taking care of any reminders and, if necessary, coordinating the entire collection process up to and including the bailiff;
  • Taking care of rent increases and the associated notifications;
  • Administrate and settle the costs of services such as contributions to the association of owners (VVE), advance payments to repairers and suchlike;
  • Recharging municipal taxes and levies to the tenant if applicable.

Technical management

The technical management of your property is only possible in combination with the administrative & financial management, this in connection with any expenses and invoices to be advanced by us.

If Amstel Housing performs the full property management for you, it means that we are the first point of contact for your tenant for everything to do with the property: broken equipment, leaks, non-functioning central heating installations, blockages, nuisance issues, rent payments, etc. etc. 

We will only report to you and, if necessary, ask your approval for certain steps to be taken, but it will save you a lot of headaches and you don't have to talk to the tenant or other parties yourself.

What can you expect from the technical management by Amstel Housing:

  • Drawing up inspection reports, also after mutations;
  • The mapping and investigation of complaints and reports;
  • Periodic and preventive inspections;
  • Handling of complaints;
  • Preparing maintenance proposals (or having them drawn up);
  • Requesting quotations, issuing the order and carrying out checks on the performance of maintenance;
  • Checking and paying submitted invoices, settling them;
  • Carrying out delivery of property, and, if present, checking of warranty obligations;
  • Concluding maintenance contracts for, for example, central heating installation;
  • Supervising the correct observance of maintenance contracts;
  • Resolving technical faults;
  • Ordering equipment or installations by order of client;
  • Coordinating maintenance orders.

How much does property management cost?

For the management, we charge a percentage of the full monthly rental payment to be collected. The standard rate is 4% + 21% vat for administrative & financial management, and 6% + 21% vat for technical management including administrative & financial management. For your specific situation, it is best to contact the nearest branch directly.

Investing in real estate, could that be for me?

The interest rates are drastically low, but the return on the rental of houses is very interesting. This can be between 5-8%, depending on the region and type of property.

Amstel Housing can advise you if you are interested in investing in real estate. Where can you best buy, in which cities or districts, which type of property rents out the quickest with the highest return, how long does it take before something is rented out after the purchase and what rents can I expect?

We can also do a lot for the small, starting investor and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of investing in real estate, we would be happy to advise you in a no-obligation and free consultation, please feel free to contact one of our offices.