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Amsterdam is bustling! It is the city of old canals and canal houses. On every street corner, there is a brown pub where it is not unusual to hear a tearjerker. World famous because of Anne Frank, Ajax and the Jordaan. Despite all this fame, the Amsterdammer prefers to act normal, because then you are already acting crazy enough. As a rental agent in Amsterdam, Amstel Housing naturally has its own office. So we know the city, its districts and neighbourhoods like the back of our hand. And just like the people of Amsterdam we help you without any fuss with renting out your property. On this page you can read all about the Amsterdam neighbourhoods.

Expat rentals in Amsterdam

The 'Typical Dutch' image that Amsterdam exudes has made the capital extremely popular among expats. Besides being the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is also the financial, cultural and commercial capital. Plenty of employment opportunities for international professionals. Moreover, the city has a vibrant historic centre where there is always a relaxed, free atmosphere. If you have a house or flat in Amsterdam, then private renting to expats is worth considering. They are often good and serious tenants. Amstel Housing is therefore specialised in renting out houses to expats in Amsterdam. Thanks to our years of experience and international network we rent out your house or flat fast and carefree.

Bekijk het woningaanbod

The vibrant centre of Amsterdam

The centre of Amsterdam is vibrant with many shopping streets, history and architecture. There are small pubs, terraces and restaurants everywhere. Often by the water. The Vondelpark provides the necessary greenery where people can escape the city life for a while. In the Weesperbuurt area, you will find the canal houses that we know from Amsterdam. Many of these date back to the Golden Age. Of course, many canal houses are also to be found in the Grachtengordel, with cosy little streets, quays, bridges and houses. The nice thing about old canal houses is that they have been renovated at different times. This way, a great difference in building styles is visible.

The Jordaan is known for its smartlap and brown cafés. Or elderly women by the name of Bep and Nel. Nevertheless, this old working-class neighbourhood is now mainly inhabited by young people. The small houses and flats are very popular with students, singles and starters. Especially since the many renovations have breathed new life into the neighbourhood. The cosy cafes, however, have remained. As a rental agency in Amsterdam we also mediate in houses and flats in other city centre districts. From historic buildings and mansions in the cosy Burgwallen Nieuwe Zijde or Nieuwmarkt to a mix of classic and new buildings in Weteringschans, Oostelijke Eilanden, Kadijken and the Haarlemmerbuurt.

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Amsterdam Noord on the rise

In Amsterdam Noord the buildings used to consist mainly of industry. Nowadays this part of Amsterdam is being transformed into a trendy neighbourhood to live in. There is a lot of new construction to be found. Nevertheless, many elements that are reminiscent of the industrial past have been preserved. What's more, they are being integrated into the street scene in a fun way. The ferry across the IJ brings the residents from North to South. The Noord/Zuidlijn (North/South metro line) has made Amsterdam North a lot more accessible. It is precisely the new buildings and the nod to the industrial past that give "the other side of the IJ" its unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that cannot be compared to the south of Amsterdam. The NDSM-Werf is a leading example of this. In this old shipyard many creative entrepreneurs work and many catering establishments are located.

Living among the greenery in Amsterdam Nieuw West

Nowhere else in Amsterdam will you find such a diversity of neighbourhoods and building styles. This part of Amsterdam was built after the war and is therefore not only new, but also spacious and green. The best-known district is Slotervaart, which lies directly on the Sloterplas. This multicultural district is very popular with starters and young families. This is mainly due to the new buildings, good facilities, greenery and many schools in the area. The Sloterpark provides Amsterdam New West with the necessary greenery. There is plenty to do for young and old. You can walk, swim, picnic, barbecue or just relax. Festivals are also organised regularly. Of course, as an Amsterdam rental agency, we are also active in other neighbourhoods in Nieuw West. For example, the modern single-family houses and flats in Geuzenveld and Slotermeer, the new buildings in Osdorp and houses in De Aker and Sloten.

Living in friendly Amsterdam Oost

Amsterdam Oost has it all. Historic buildings from the 19th century, lots of green and places of interest and plenty of opportunities for shopping, eating and drinking. Typical for Amsterdam East are Oosterparkbuurt, Weesperzijde, the cosy Dapperbuurt, Oostpoort and the Transvaalbuurt. Together they are often called "Oud Oost" (Old East). Many monumental buildings with 19th century architecture characterise the street scene. Watergraafsmeer is the district of Ajax. Until shortly before the turn of the century, Stadion de Meer stood here, where the Amsterdam football club enjoyed many successes. It is an attractive and green neighbourhood where it is lovely to live. A little livelier is the Indische buurt. This district is very much on the rise, as more and more shops and catering establishments are appearing. In the Indische buurt, many different residents live side by side. A large renovation, lots of green and numerous facilities make it a nice neighbourhood to live in. Ijburg and the former industrial area Omval are surprises in old Amsterdam East. These new housing estates have a great diversity of houses and flats. The space and green set-up and schools nearby make these neighbourhoods popular with families.

Amsterdam West is hip and trendy

Amsterdam West is booming. Unlike other areas in Amsterdam, the renewal of the neighborhood comes not from the municipality, but the residents and entrepreneurs themselves. Many neighbourhood initiatives are organized in De Baarsjes, making it a pleasant neighbourhood to live in. There are many houses in the Amsterdam style, characterised by round shapes and bricks. Oud-West is situated west of the centre. Most of the houses are small to medium-sized and date from the beginning of the 19th century. The old working-class neighbourhoods have now been renovated and people with higher incomes now live in Oud West. In the Staatsliedenbuurt area, you will find numerous historic buildings. The centre is a stone's throw away. In the Westerpark and the Westergasfabriek there is also plenty to do these days. As rental agents in Amsterdam we are also active in the other districts of West. Do you have a flat in the Krommerdt, a renovated property in the Overtoomse Sluis or Kinderbuurt area or an old working-class house in the Frederik Hendrik neighbourhood? We would like to help you with renting out your property.

Sociability or quiet living in Amsterdam Zuid?

Amsterdam South is a popular residential area, of which the Pijp is undoubtedly the best known. Many students live there and so there is plenty to do. Many pubs, restaurants, cafes and a vibrant nightlife. As far as houses and flats are concerned, the Amsterdam School can regularly be seen in the street scene. This architectural style from the beginning of the 20th century is characterised by bricks and often round shapes. The Apollo neighbourhood, the Hoofddorpplein neighbourhood, the Museumkwartier, the Stadion neighbourhood and Willemspark together form Oud Zuid. Perhaps éone of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. Wide avenues and historic buildings characterise this part of the city. There is a lot of variety in the housing in Oud Zuid and that also applies to the residents. The Hoofddorppleinbuurt is located in the district of Amsterdam-Zuid. The area was built in the 1920s as part of Sloten. The distinctive architectural style can be found everywhere in the streetscape, for example in the eccentric house porches and the pointed corner towers. Of course we are also active in other neighborhoods of Amsterdam South. Do you want to rent out a house in the Ijsselbuurt or the green Rijnbuurt where many buildings of the Amsterdam School can be found? Or do you have a house or flat in Duivelseiland or the diverse Buitenveldert area? Amstel Housing can help you with the rental process.

Renting out houses outside Amsterdam

Amsterdam's city centre is bustling with history at the same time. Outside the city offers an enormous diversity of homes. Think of historic canal houses, old porch houses and working-class houses in cosy neighbourhoods. For those who prefer to live in the lee of the capital, there is also plenty to find in the surrounding area:

  • In the Zuidoost district, many flats are being replaced by family homes. It is a quiet and green residential area.
  • Amstelveen is situated in the smoke of Amsterdam and offers a quiet and green environment.
  • In Diemen, people live close to the capital, but with the tranquillity of a village.
  • Badhoevedorp is a peaceful and child-friendly residential area with many schools, playgrounds and sports facilities.
  • Having a home near a bustling city centre or surrounded by water and greenery? It's all possible in Almere.

As a rental agent in Amsterdam and surroundings, Amstel Housing can help you with renting out your house or flat. Do you have an upholstered or furnished house that you would like to rent out? We are happy to help you with mediation. We also have experience in letting to expats. Thanks to our (international) network, we can even let most homes within 2 weeks! We invite you to contact us for a free consultation and we will start working for you immediately.

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