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Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands. Utrechters themselves like to talk about 'the largest village in the Netherlands'. Utrechters... not Utrechters, because that would offend them. It has all the amenities of a large city, but also the charms of a cozy village. You can live, work, study, but also go out, shop or have a drink. For example, at the wharf on Oudegracht or on the terrace on Neude. As a rental agent in Utrecht, we know the city like no other. Do you want to rent out your house in Utrecht? We will find the tenant or the house that suits you.

Renting out your house to expats in Utrecht?

The feel of a village and its central location make Utrecht popular with many expats. In addition, many large international companies are located here. The distance to Amsterdam and Rotterdam is relatively short. Nevertheless, Utrecht is on the edge of the Randstad, so there are also opportunities to seek out the peace and quiet. It may be a good idea to rent out your house temporarily or permanently to expats in Utrecht. They are often good tenants. We as Amstel Housing are specialised in private expat rentals in Utrecht. We gladly put our years of experience and large international network at your disposal to rent out your home.

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The historic centre of Utrecht

Utrecht Cathedral towers high above the old centre. Here lie the Neude, the Biltstraat and the Vreeburg. You may know them from Monopoly. But also shopping centre Hoog Catharijne and Utrecht Central, where the largest bicycle shed in the Netherlands can be found. In the middle of the Netherlands, with shops, museums and the station within easy reach, we find the districts Museumkwartier, Vogelenbuurt, Hoog Catharijne, Wittevrouwen and Wijk C. The buildings are varied. From flats, penthouses and lofts to old canal houses and cosy working-class houses. Anyone walking through the centre of Utrecht will soon feel as if they are walking back several centuries. Yet all modern amenities are close by.

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Historical living in Utrecht East

In Utrecht East are the districts of Tuindorp East, Tuinwijk, Oudwijk, Voordorp and Rijnsweerd. As a rental agent in Utrecht, we are of course active in all these districts. Around the Maliebaan and Wilhelminapark are stately mansions. This part of Utrecht has a long history and still has its appeal to the notables in the city. Even our archbishop lives here. But because the Uithof, Utrecht's university centre, is nearby, many students live here as well. And many of them stay in this neighbourhood after their studies, creating a nice mix of young and old. There are few terraced houses here and each one has its own character and history. The Uithof is also home to the Utrecht Science Park. The reason why expats look for houses in Utrecht East.

Utrecht West at a stone's throw from the centre

With the A2 as its exit road, Utrecht West is easily accessible. The residents are woken up every morning by the smell of fresh coffee from the roasting houses of Jacobs Douwe Egberts. The Jaarbeurs is also located here, on the west side of Central Station. It is trendy living in Lombok, where different cultures integrate. Kanaalstraat resembles an oriental market, where merchants display their exotic goods all over the pavement. There are many single-family houses, upstairs flats and downstairs flats, many with gardens. It is wonderful living here, close to the centre. In Oog in Al, there are somewhat larger houses, often with front and back gardens. But we also regularly offer flats for rent along the former Utrecht ring road. There is also an International school in the area, which is why expat families like to find a home in this area.

The versatile Utrecht South

The Hoograven district in Utrecht Zuid used to be part of Jutphaas, which is still a district in Nieuwegein. This can still be seen on the manhole covers and the numbering of the houses. All streets in Utrecht start with house numbering from the Dom. Except in Hoograven, where it is the other way round. The districts where we mediate as a rental agent in Utrecht are Hoograven, Rivierenwijk and Lunetten. They are close to the A2, A12 and A27 motorways. A good base for tenants who travel by car. Partly because a parking space can still be found in these neighbourhoods. The houses in Lunetten were built between 1980 and 1990. In Hoograven and Rivierenwijk, however, there are many 1930s homes. Residents here are close to Tolsteeg and, via Twijnstraat and Oudegracht, they can walk straight into the centre of Utrecht. Recently, there was also a train station here, Vaartsche Rijn station. And in Rivierenwijk, along the Merwede, there are spacious houseboats.

Historic working class houses in Utrecht Noord

Zuilen used to be a separate municipality. The old town hall still exists and has long been a beautiful wedding location along the river Vecht. Nowadays, Zuilen is a district of Utrecht and has a rich history. The Demka factories were surrounded by workers' housing. The Demka is no more, but the houses are now a protected cityscape. And sometimes we have them for rent. The Werkspoor cathedral is also in the south. This is where work, learning and relaxation meet. In Overvecht, there are many high-rise buildings. Utrecht Noord is easily accessible via the Zuilense Ring, the A2 and A27 motorways.

Rent out your house or flat in Utrecht and surroundings?

The old city centre with a village atmosphere, the modern facilities, the central location in the Netherlands and the employment opportunities make Utrecht an attractive city. Especially for expats. Just outside Utrecht, there are also a number of cosy villages and towns to live in:

  • Vianen has a charming medieval town centre, complete with town walls and defence works.
  • Restful living with Utrecht within easy reach is possible in De Bilt.
  • Living between the green heart and the city of Utrecht?
  • Living between the green heart and the city of Utrecht? That is De Meern!
  • Zeist is situated on the edge of the Randstad, with Utrecht and Amersfoort within easy reach.

As a rental agency of Utrecht and surroundings, we can always help you with the renting of your house or flat. Of course, we are also specialised in renting out houses to expats in the Utrecht region. Do you have an upholstered or furnished house to let? Our (international) network is at your disposal. Partly because of this, we often rent out a house within two weeks. We would like to invite you to contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to get started for you!

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