Selling through Amstel Housing

Looking to sell your property? There is a good chance that we can help you! Below is a brief overview about selling through Amstel Housing, and at the bottom more and extensive information …

Preparation & advice

  • We are very involved and think along with you
  • We give you appropriate advice about the right asking price and sales strategy
  • We will guide you through the entire sales traject

Quick service

  • In all our services, fast service is paramount, and we stand for a resolute approach
  • We present your property online as soon as possible via various platforms
  • We schedule viewings with potential buyers as soon as possible
  • We strive for the quickest possible sale and processing

Best offer

  • Of course we will make sure to get the highest possible price for your property
  • We will also negotiate for you about the preconditions, such as the possible dissolution conditions
  • We negotiate the most favourable circumstances for you


  • We or the notary will draw up the agreement (depending on the area)
  • We screen the agreement, and will explain this to you
  • If there are any other important documents such as deeds of ownership, deeds of division, etc. we will check them for you


  • Ask the relevant branch about the costs when selling the property, such as our brokerage fee and other costs,
  • Other costs such as a professional photo shoot are not included.


Yes! Gefeliciteerd met de verkoop van je woning!

  • Even after the transfer, there may still be matters to be dealt with, in which case we will advise or guide you
  • After completion of the procedure you can of course still contact us for questions and advice

Selling your property

You're going to face important decisions when you want to sell your house. At Amstel Housing we are very involved, think along with you and give you appropriate advice.

We guide you through the entire sales process and advise you on the right asking price and help you draw up a good sales strategy.

At Amstel Housing we offer you a sales agent that stands for quality, customer friendliness and flexibility. Below you will find an overview of the steps we will take with you.

The sales decision and the appropriate asking price

It requires expertise and a committed approach when it comes to selling your property. This starts with good pricing. If the asking price is too high, this can lead to a much longer sales period. As a result, it is possible that the final sales price may also be much lower.

At Amstel Housing we have knowledge of the current market, which leads to a realistic asking price and a faster sale of your house.

Register your property now

Advertising your property

  • At Amstel Housing we will use those means, in consultation with you, which will contribute to a quick sale of your house. You have a choice from:

    • presentation on;
    • advertisements in local and/or regional newspapers;
    • a nice sales brochure;
    • a "for sale" sign;
    • a link to several relevant housing websites.

    You don't need to be an expert in the field of styling to prepare your house sale. Many of these tips are self-evident. 

    A tidy and clean house, any pets out of sight, the curtains neatly open with lots of light, a tidy garden, etc. can already make a big difference.

    Through a professional styling consultant Amstel Housing also offers you the opportunity to give your home a metamorphosis for sale, if necessary and desired. We will of course advise you first, after which you can make your own choice.

Viewings done? Let's start the negotiations!

During the visits, potential buyers will tend to ask more questions if the seller is not present. At Amstel Housing we can answer technical and legal questions, and we can also inform about possibilities of financing.

We have extensive experience in viewings and often feel when there is already an offer from another interested party in the air, and will often act on this immediately.

We will assess the value of any offer made. Before that time, the bidding strategy will have been discussed in detail with you. Amstel Housing therefore operates within exactly the right margins. This is how we end up with the best final proposal.

Purchase agreement made? Up to the notary's noffice!

Amstel Housing draws up the purchase agreement for you, and in some regions the notary does so. In the sales agreement you can find the selling price, the date of delivery, an extensive questionnaire and a list of things that may or may not be left behind in the house against payment. In the deed of sale more things can be included, such as the resolutive conditions such as financing reservation or the outcome of an architectural inspection.

The property will be transferred at the civil-law notary's office. The notary will also take care of the financial settlement. This consists, among other things, of the brokerage costs, the settlement of the property tax, water board costs, the payment for remaining inventory and a possible repayment of a mortgage that is still outstanding.

The transfer is controlled and supervised by Amstel Housing and also during the inspection of the house prior to the appointment at the notary, we are present.