Renting through Amstel Housing

Are you planning to rent a property? There is a good chance that we can help you! Below is a brief overview about renting through Amstel Housing, and at the bottom more and extensive information...

Quick service

  • Immediately or quickly available supply of properties
  • Wide range of offers in houses
  • Speedy settlement of the rental procedure, possible move-in within 1 day

Rental period

  • Furnished or semi-furnished (/upholstered) properties
  • Rental period 1 year or in consultation, shorter or longer
  • Clear and appropriate rental agreements

We will find your new home

  • Wide offers in large part of the country
  • Rental prices varying from euro 950 to euro 7.500 and higher
  • Cannot find anything here? We can also search for you actively


  • Transparent and clear: the client (landlord) pays us
  • No contract- or administration costs
  • Only costs applicable if we actively search for you outside our portfolio

Search query

  • Let us search and find you the right home!
  • Extensive network and 20+ years experience
  • Knowledge of the market, procedures and legislation
  • Costs for a successful search are equal to 1 month's rent + 21% vat

Guidance & assistance

  • Our enthusiastic staff will be happy to guide you through the rental procedure
  • Quick results through our professional and committed approach
  • Explanation of legal documents such as the rental agreement
  • Assistence in the connection of utilities (gas, electricity etc.)

Renting a property

Are you looking for a rental property for a temporary or longer period? Take a look at our website.

s a tenant you do not have to pay anything when you rent a property from our portfolio, so no brokerage or contract costs or other hidden costs. The owner is our client and pays us, clear enough!

Our range of properties varies greatly and we often have new properties in our portfolio, so it's a good idea to register for free on our website. You will then receive an automatic update as soon as a property that matches comes on the market. Click on the 'Register for free' button above at the top of the site.

Can't find what you are looking for in our offers? Then we can also help you with your search of course. We then draw up an extensive search profile in consultation with you and actively search for the suitable property within our network and the rental market in your search area.

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Types of rental properties

Are you looking for a specific property? We have different types of properties in our offer: apartments, single-family homes, upholstered and/or furnished properties, standard rental periods of 12 months or longer, shorter periods possible in consultation, and depending on the areas houses to share with several people.

Want to rent a home through Amstel Housing?

Take advantage of our specialism and let us help you find the property that is right for you. For this we charge the standard brokerage costs that are equal to one month's rent + 21% vat.

Together with one of our employees we will look at your housing requirements. In addition, we will look at various aspects such as: the type of home you are looking for, the city (neighborhood), in which price range, furnished or upholstered (that is unfurnished, but not bare).

What are your preferences or requirements (for example with regard to schools and public transport), which laws and regulations possibly apply, and other matters that are important for your specific situation.

Our personal approach and extensive experience greatly increase the chance that Amstel Housing will find the right rental property for you . Our specialization and knowledge of the market ensure that we can help you find the property that suits you best!

What does Amstel Housing do for you

As soon as we have received an order from you to search for a rental property, we will start working. In addition to making an inventory of your search wishes and profile explained above, you can also expect the following from us:

  • scanning the market and our network for suitable rental properties;
  • selecting the properties that are interesting for you;
  • scheduling viewings together with you of the selected properties;
  • viewing these properties together with you;
  • conducting negotiations with the property provider on your behalf and in consultation with you about the property you selected (for example, about the rental price, the effective date, certain articles in the agreement, etc.);
  • reviewing and explaining the rental agreement to you;
  • supervising the key transfer and the preparations for it (signing the rental agreement, overseeing the correct procedure with regard to the first rental payment and deposit, etc.);
  • being present at the key transfer and drawing up an inspection report of the property, or the screening thereof if made by the home provider;
  • if desired, assisting with requests for connections with suppliers of gas, water, electricity, TV and internet;
  • being available during the rental period for questions and advice about the current lease agreement.