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Do you want to live in a quiet, green area just a stone's throw from Amsterdam? That is possible in Amstelveen! The many parks and the Amsterdam forest make this pleasant city one of the greenest places in the Randstad. Besides all that green, Amstelveen has a cosy city centre with lots of shops, culture and other facilities. As a rental agent in Amstelveen we know the city like no other. We are happy to help you rent out your property. On this page you will find all information about this cosy, green city and its districts.

Apartment or house to let for expats in Amstelveen?

The ideal location, just a stone's throw from Amsterdam, and the quiet residential area make Amstelveen popular with expats. You will find a large international community there. There are many facilities to make life easier for expats. For example, there are international schools, dentists and care institutions that can deal with different languages and cultures. Amstel Housing is also specialised in renting out homes to expats. Through our years of experience as a rental agent in Amstelveen we know how to offer your house or flat to an international audience and what their wishes are. We are experts in private expat rentals in Amstelveen.

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Living in the heart of the city

In the cosy centre of Amstelveen the residents have everything close at hand. The weekly market and a fairly large shopping centre offer plenty of opportunities for weekly shopping. In addition, there is plenty to do in terms of entertainment. Restaurants, cafes and terraces for the catering industry, but also the theatre, cinema and museums for cultural entertainment. Most of the houses in the centre were built just after the war and renovated just before the turn of the century. This means that the cosy old flats are in new condition.

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Apartments and neighbourhoods outside the city centre

For those who do not want to live in the cosy bustle of the city centre, Amstelveen has many neighbourhoods with a diverse range of housing. So there is plenty of choice for anyone who wants to live peacefully amidst the greenery.

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Bankras and Kostverloren

Inlocked between two shopping centres are Bankras and Kostverloren. There are mainly houses from the 1960s in the form of single-family dwellings and flats, but there are also some new buildings. Water and greenery give these neighbourhoods a cosy, green atmosphere.


The Saint Urbanus church watches over the Bovenkerk district. There are also many shops, cafes and restaurants. Bovenkerk used to be a small village and this atmosphere has always been preserved. The arrival of many new buildings has made this district popular for many people. This is also because the centre and the Amsterdam forest are just a stone's throw away.


Is Amstelveen already green? Then the pre-war Elsrijk rises even higher. Lots of water and green areas with unusual plants are characteristic of this district. There are also many pleasant, small neighbourhoods, mainly low-rise, each with its own atmosphere. A theatre, a wide range of shops and a central location make Elsrijk a popular neighbourhood.


Groenenlaan has its own centre that can be approached from the entire district. A mix of buildings, from low to high, ensures a mix of residents. Because of the many care institutions in the area, many elderly people live there. However, there are also young families who live at the quiet edge of the district.

Keizer Karelpark

Singles with water and greenery. These are the characteristics of the district Keizer Karelpark. Together with its location near the centre it makes the district attractive for everyone. A nice mix of old and new homes ensures that many types of people can be found in the district. There are mostly residential houses, but also some medium-sized buildings.

Kronenburg and Uilenstede

Businesses, students and a woodsy atmosphere. And with the many restaurants and facilities, there is plenty to do in Kronenburg and Uilenstede. The lime trees make it seem as if the residents live in the forest. And yet Kronenburg and Uilenstede are right next to Amsterdam! The many students attract many facilities and cosiness to these districts.

Old Village

It all started here! When Amstelveen was still a village. You can almost taste the history in the narrow streets between the old buildings. Yet a lot of new buildings have been added over the years. If you like to have a good time, this is the place to be, because there are lots of bars and restaurants in the Oude Dorp!


Patrimonium has a small lake, lots of trees and old parks. In this district, which is one of the oldest in Amstelveen, you will find different types of houses mixed together. From single-family houses to detached houses, often from different building years. It is also a child-friendly neighbourhood because of its spacious layout and the Amsterdam forest within easy reach. In the Prinsessenbuurt you will find detached houses and villas.


Also a historic and green district is Randwijck, with small neighbourhoods, houses and shopping streets. In the old part of this district, there are many houses in the style of the Amsterdam School, with a lot of brick and round shapes. Other houses have large facades with many details, giving Randwijck a stately atmosphere. A fun fact is that Randwijck has a high and a low section. This is clearly visible in some places.

Waardhuizen and Middenhoven

The Waardhuizen and Middenhoven districts were built late in the 20th century and are therefore relatively new. There are mainly single-family houses and flats between the green trees and lawns. Furthermore, with a park, nearby shopping centres, sometimes beautiful views and many exit roads, it is a great place to live.


Westwijk is Amstelveen's youngest neighbourhood. The majority of the buildings here are new. But development is not standing still. There is still a lot of expansion going on. Because Westwijk is relatively new, there are many low-rise areas. However, there are also a number of flats in the greenery. For weekly shopping, there is a centre with shops, but also a small library. It is nice and quiet and modern living in Westwijk.

Renting out your house in Amstelveen or surroundings?

The surrounding area of Amstelveen is an attractive place to live, with its green polders, recreational areas and restaurants. The village of Nes aan de Amstel, which lies on an island, is also popular because of its tranquillity, cosiness and excellent facilities. The advantage is that Amstelveen is always nearby. There are also a number of villages and towns around Amstelveen. Because of the tranquillity, but good location near Amsterdam and Amstelveen, these are popular places to live:

  • The bustling town of Aalsmeer
  • The peace and quiet and nature of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.
  • Uithoorn, with its medieval past.
  • Small town charm.Living on the waterfront in Vinkeveen.
  • The down-to-earth Mijdrecht.

As a letting agent in Amstelveen and surroundings Amstel Housing would like to help you rent out your flat or house. Because of the large international community in Amstelveen we also have a lot of experience in renting out to expats. Do you have an unfurnished or furnished house or flat that you want to let (temporarily)? Thanks to our large (international) network, we are able to let most homes within 2 weeks. Contact us now for a free consultation and we will start working for you immediately!

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